beMatrix USA offers two standard types of LightScreens™.


100S - Low Profile Side Lit Extrusion for Brilliant Uniform Images

At only 100mm [4"] deep and full LED coverage, the 100S is the perfect option for single-sided, wall integrated presentations. Combines easily with DMK and b62™ Frame Systems.


186D - A Huge Solution that Stands On its Own

The 186D is your best solution for "Free Standing" presentations. Engineered for easy setup, this floor supported extrusion can be fabricated to sizes limited only by the size of the printed graphic.  Do you have 8'x20' towers or walls? No problem! The 186D is available with single or double sided graphic options.


LightScreens™ are available in standard and custom sizes, which will allow for the perfect size in every environment.


The light modules travel inside the frame extruion. The lights are a simple "twist in" installation with "plug and play" electrical connections, resulting in fast assembly, lower labor costs, and easy maintenance.


The LightScreen™ is assembled with a simple hex key. This single tool construction speeds up the assembly process.


The 186D™ can be single or double sided graphics allowing for design flexibility. The silocone edged graphics are easily applied using simple "thumb" pressure. No velcro or mechanical attachments necessary.


The structural integrity is clear when you create a large "integrated" or "free standing" display.


The low voltage LED lights allow for a lower power consumption and will save on electrical requirements.

Exhibits, corporate events/meetings, retail and museum environments, lobby interiors where changes occur in visual presentations, are all great places to use our LightScreens™.


Can be combined with DMK, b62™ and other aluminum systems; as add-ons to existing conventional exhibits; or as a stand alone structure.

Joining Set 90° Heavy XL    SKU: 710 25 0208  Set of 4


Joining Set 180° Heavy   SKU: 710 25 0306  Set of 2




Connector Plate


Light Strip


Power Pak

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